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Tools We Use And Recommend

This maybe the most important page on Grow.NG. The reason been that all the stuff you see are products and services we are currently using, have used been, but still very relevant.

Be rest assured that these services worth any amount you are investing in them.

#1 Web Hosting Provider We Use

  • SignOnHost.Com :- Don’t miss this. The success and failure of your online business depends on your host. If your host is bad, you will surely be frustrated and may give up. SignOnHost.Com is a good host and highly recommended.  Recommended Reading >>  SPONSORED: SignOnHost The #1 Web Hosting Provider in Nigeria
  • Whogohost.Com: – We also, highly Whogohost as a second option, there are very stable and strong and you can bank on theme.

#2 Tools and Services For Email Marketing

  • Aweber.Com: – There simply the best if you are interested in entail marketing, you will need Aweber. Have used them for over 10 years very stable
  • Getresponse.Com: – If we are not using Awber, we shall use Getresponse. if you have access to any of these 2, you are good to go.

#3  Slider

  • Smart Slider 3: – I am very happy to share this. As an agency, we do a lot of website design. I find Smart Slider very important and very useful. I have used other sliders, but smart is the best. Check our site and other sites we have done. We use only one platform and that is Smart Slider. If you click here to buy it, I will give access to some demo slider we have developed over the years.