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Website Hosting: How To Host A Website In Nigeria 2021

I am sure at this time you already know what a website is. If this is true, website hosting shouldn't be a problem. The fact is that every business needs a website. If you work from home, have an office space,  a Pastor, or just a minister, you need to have a...

How Important Is SSL Certificate For Your Sites?

Our SSL Certificates Are Powered By Gogetssl. The Best In The Market. Google wants a more secure web and is making HTTPS the standard for all websites. Learn how this will affect your website and search engine ranking.

Nigerian Webhosting Companies Survey 2021

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SignOnHost The #1 Web Hosting Provider in Nigeria

There are many Web Hosting companies like SignOnHost in Nigeria, West Africa, and each one has its pros and cons. Having been online for over 20 years now, I have deal with all manner of web hosting companies both local and foreign host, and when it comes to shared...
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