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Website Hosting: How To Host A Website In Nigeria 2020
Publised On: Monday, May 18
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I am sure at this time you already knew what website is. If this is true, website hosting shouldn’t be a problem. The fact is that every business needs a web site. If you work from home, have an office space,  a Pastor, or just a minister, you need to have a functioning and redesigned website. In getting a website, you must be guided and directed so as not to make a mistake. I once made one so many yes ago. This article will help you to avoid what I call digital error.

Let us go to the Complete Guild On Hosting a Domain Name In Nigeria!

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# You Need A Domain Name

Yes, that is right you need a domain name to start with. A domain name is the digital address of your business. Grow.ng is a domain name, Signonshost.com is a domain name, Payless.ng, Paystack.com, Cfaithradio.com and Cfaith.tv are all domain names.

>>>>> Consider these when buying or registering a domain name. <<<<<<

  • The Domain Name must be short: eg grow.ng has 4 letters. yahoo.com has 5  letters, google has 6 letters. As much as possible you need to consider a name that is very short. Getting a domain name like www.letstraveltolagosandmakemoneyandcomeback.com 🙂 is bad, try to avoid it.
  • The Domain Name must be easy to remember: I am sure you will always remember names like the above domain names. They are short and very easy to remember.
  • The Name needs to have a keyword: While this may not be important, if you can get a domain name with a keyword, it is better. For example, signonhost, paystack, payless. Hope you get that? Good!
  • Consider buying a domain name from a host or a registrar that allows you to have root access to your domain name like SignOnHost, WhoGoHost and others This will enable you manage domain name, change your DNS and so on.
  • And finally, make sure you register it with your email address. A secured email like gmail, yahoo etc.

Register Your Domain Name  Here

Buy Domain Name

# Getting A Perfect Host

  • Now, your host must be able to support you in time of need. They might be some times when you will desperately need a technical or billing support. If you have a host that can’t support you… I am sorry for you. This is why we recommend SignonHost.
  • Decided The Hosting Plans That You Need –  There are few of them, Shared Host, Reseller Account, VPS, Dedicated Server, WordPress Host etc.

SignOnHost Pricing

>>> Click Here To Host Your Site

If you use the link above, you will be able to register a domain name and host without spending that much.

# Finally Go Ahead and Use Your New Host:

Chances are that you are a blogger and wants to host a blog or you just need a business site, it is very important you secure your site, use your site email address eg info@mysitename.com. This will promote your website and attract web traffic.

If you have a question or an experience you want to share with us, kindly use the comment box.

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