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Sportscliffs: Top Sports Blog In Africa8 min read

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Are you a sports lover, a punter or you need a place where you can get information of your favourite club while you are busy, I have got the perfect website for you.

Sportcliffs.Com is a sports website that give you 24 hours information about every sport and your favourite club. is an established media that has no fear when it comes to reportage as they report based on facts, statistics and figures, they go into details and communicate with perfect sporting language that is understood by anyone. I can boldly say they are one of the best sport websites in the world and are also making impact in the life of who love sports.

The Sports website designed to give you maximum information in the world of sports any day, any time. The media house has the best journalist you can ever think of, who knows how to use their words in the right way and will never disappoint you when it comes to giving out the best. Before I go further you should take a look at the mission and vision in other to know what the media is doing and also have in stock for their audience.

Sportscliffs Mission

At sportscliffs, we’re poised at providing sports updates and News, Analysis,and exciting pre and post matches reviews of Games. We tend to give insight to our growing fans with our day to day sports analysis and also predictions of matches. Our board at comprises of seasoned journalists, sports analysts and enthusiasts who have come together to provide the best possible sports information experience for potential users.

Talk sports, talk Sportscliffs. Vision

We envision becoming one of the leading sports media in Nigeria, Africa and indeed the world. We hope to attain this horizon whilst also enabling the growth of young talents through the instrumentality of our platform. Moving forward, at Sportscliff, we are goal getters, no dream too big, no height too tall to attain. On this basis, we vision being recognized as a springboard for young talents who hope to hit the limelight through our projected sports grassroot tournaments in Nigeria and to be extended to the suburbs of Africa. As a sports media platform, developing sports in all ramifications is our mandate and we won’t rest until we achieve these lofty goals.

You may ask yourself why you need to log on to the website when there are lots of popular website you can get sports information from, here are top reason why is far different from other sporting website.

1.The design of the website:

The website is design in such a way that give its audience that comfort scrolling up and down to get the information they want. It’s user friendly either you log on from your personal mobile phone, tablet or from your personal computer. Its easier to navigate and you also get related stories from the same page without you stressing yourself. is also stress free unlike other site that take you away from the interesting content you are reading and move you to another page with isn’t not related to the content.

2. The Content:

We all know yellow journalism is the other of the day where most so called journalist stay in the four corners of their walls to formulate information all in the name of making money or name, but in the case of, the have got vital and original information to serve to their audience in the sports world.
They have got Journalists that knows the ethic, the power of information and how it should be treated.
Aside that, information of are top notch and always timely has it should be in other to keep their audience up to day in what is happening in the sports world.

3. The Language:

Yes! Like you said in your mind that it should be ‘English’ so it is. communicate to its audience in English and not just the language but way its been communicated. It can be read by a anyone who knows how to read as they keep their information straight and simple.

Sportscliffs stay away from ambiguity and also error free as they have the best journalists who works with them and make sure their messages are not misinterpreted in anyway. The sports media also stay away from abusive words as they detach themselves from negative words that are not suitable to human hearing.

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4. Livescores:

Aside from reading news and other information on the website, also have a livescore page where you check the real time happening of what your favourite team or teams around the world are playing and the scores are updated immediately has it is happening. That amuse you right, yeah it is one of the advantages you get when you log on to one of the best websites in the world has few websites have a livescore page to keep their audience updated on their website.

5. Standings:

Aside from having a platform that shows a real time score on the website, also have a page that should standing of different sports and different league, yes that is huge as they work to give their audience the best they can get in sport.

6. Prediction:

Aside from also giving detailed information on sports, also help in forecasting sports games before the match with their statistics on the websites for their audience in other for them to win big with their various sports betting company. They are always accurate with their selections and have got lots of testimonies from their audience on their social media pages.

7. Analysis:

Sportscliffs take their time to analyze game before the match like comparing the teams stats, head-to-head, last five games, next five game, position of the teams and also the current form of the teams, they talk about the previous meeting of both team managers, their strength, weakness and also the outcome of the game.


Sportscliffs also do reviews of games where they give information on what happened before the game, during the game and after the game. The also give information on what top pundits and Fans have said about the game. Sportscliffs review is done in other to give combine the whole information in a piece so as to give the inform the audience what the have missed and what they are about to miss.

9. Pictures:

Like they do say ‘a picture is worth a thousand word’, Sportscliffs have the best pictures designs you can find on the internet as they are clear and neat. They upload quality pictures on their website which most sports websites lack.

10. Fans Opinion:

The media house also give room for feedback as the believe its right for the audience voice to be heard. The sport website gathers information of fans comment either about a particular club of about players who they want improvement from. They also have a comment section box in on the website where the audience views can be shared.

11. Giveaway:

Sportscliffs have also made it one of their duties to give away valuable gift for the loyal fan for a little and enjoyable task. This is done in other to encourage their audience who comes visiting the site and also test their intelligence with sports questions.

12. Positivity and not negativity

Sportscliffs has the positive mindset when writing on their website even if it comes to sharing fans opinion about public figures as they do not support racial abuse on their page.

Whats Makes Sportscliffs Unique.

This is are the services give their audience in other for them to be entertained, So let me tell you a little of what have in stock for audience and the community.

1. Sports Tournaments:

The media house is always happy to give back to the community and this is one of the ways they will be showing it. According to CEO the organization will be hosting a yearly sports tournament which will serve as a platform for young ones out there to show case their talent and also represent the country in better place. Doing this the organization is trying to give maximum entertainment to its audience and also giving chance to the talented ones out there.

2. Football Academy:

Aside from sponsoring a yearly tournament the organization will be establishing a football school where young talent will be trained and look after for the betterment of the individual and also for the country.

3. Online Radio

The Organization is not just stopping on writing and for their audience but also creating a platform where live programs can go on and also share exclusive information for their audience.

4. Television station:

They also have the plan to create a television station where different sports event will be aired.

Now you see why you is one of the best in the world.

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