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Did Twitter Actually Comply With FG’s Conditions?

When we heard about the news of twitter being lifted by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The first thing Grow.NG did was to go find out from Corporate Affairs Commission’s website if there is a new registration with the name Twitter and there was nothing like that.

We also did some findings about their office location in Nigeria but failed to see one.

What Happended?

Maybe you help us to answer this question on the comment section. 🙂

Twitter that suspended a whole Donald Trump account and refuse to bend their corporate policy to fit the former president will now bow to Nigeria (an African country) pressure? This is not possible.


Nigeria has lost more than Twitter has since the disconnection of service in mid-2021. So what are we saying?

Federal Government didn’t reverse the ban because they care about the loss or they care about Nigerians utilizing the space, they lifted the ban because of 2023 election. But Nigerians Will Never Forget!

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